Ben Stevenson Communications


I solve creative problems for ambitious people and organizations.


I solve creative problems for ambitious people.



Build marketing + communications products which spark relatable emotions; helping humans to connect with one another in meaningful and measurable ways. 


I believe people make decisions based on their feelings, and a great story will always give them something to feel.


Fiercely committed to the creative process, my approach is a two-way street. Read: I get things done by working alongside you, not (only) for you. And in the heart of this process is fun: I love what I do and appreciate that everyone works differently. 


A service-oriented writer with roots in both journalism and marketing, I’ve been turning ideas into stories and hitting deadline for more than 15 years. My work is centred on authentic narratives which resonate with people who matter to clients, customers and stakeholders. I’m at home leading creative projects and cross-functional teams in high-intensity environments (including three Olympic Games and three metro daily newsrooms). A Toronto native living in Montreal, I'm working on my French and pursue new adventures with gusto.


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“I can say, without doubt, that Ben brings to the table a very original vision and approach to each aspect of a project.”
— Substance Production